"Virunga" Vest


Design Inspiration

The inspiration for this piece comes from the D.R. Congo. It was inspired by the documentary "Virunga" which was about the park rangers of the Virunga National Park. The idea was to make a Tactical/Utility Vest that a Virunga Park ranger could utilize. Oh, And it's customizable. if you'd like - just email us!


  • 100% Canvas Cotton
  • 3D Pockets with Velcro closure 
  • YKK Double Zipper 
  • Signature "Lil' Okapi" Patch 


 Size S M L XL XXL
1. Length 27 28 29 30 32
2. Chest 21 22 23.5 25 26
4.Shoulders 18.5 19.5 20 21 22.5


Height & Weight Guide

HEIGHT/WEIGHT  145 lbs 155 lbs 170 lbs 185 lbs 195 lbs 205 lbs 215 lbs
5ft 5in S S S M M/L L XL
5ft 7in S S M M M/L L XL
5ft 9in S S/M M M M/L L/XL XL
5ft 11in S S/M M M/L L L/XL XL
6ft 0in M M M L L L/XL XL
6ft 2in M M M/L L L XL XL
6ft 4in M M M/L L XL XL XXL

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