"Okapitain" Noragi

SQ9300152 $70.00

Inspired by Japanese culture. This Noragi is cut with premium organic bamboo linen to give it comfort, mobility and also be breathable.  The sleeves have been slimmed down to give more of a modern look.  This contemporary piece can be an alternative to a blazer, sports coat or an overcoat.  The back is embroidered with an original drawing.  A Japanese inspired drawing of an "okapi" made exclusively for this project.  This piece really is to show our appreciation for different cultures while implementing my own culture and aesthetic. 

"From Thought to Finish".  

  • Organic Japanese Bamboo Linen

  • Back Embroidery 12'' x 15" Original piece

  • Kimono Styled Placket 

  • Drawstring Closure