Throughout Gaby’s childhood, he learned the importance of quality clothing from his mother, who was a seamstress. In Congolese culture, it is your style and fashion forwardness that epitomizes your status and character. Quality, detail, and singularity are principles that Gaby learned at a young age which have come into full fruition in his designs. Another element that he has brought to so many of his designs is the love for soccer. Growing up in Africa Gaby played soccer every day and pursued the sport further upon his move to America. He played throughout his schooling and was blessed to receive a full scholarship to play for UC Santa Barbara. His passion for the game continues to this day and shines through many of his most popular Okito pieces.

Okito would like to introduce the 2018 World Cup Jersey. A timely piece as the excitement has begun around the biggest sporting event in the world. The v-cut collar of the jersey is lined with red and blue stripes to represent Russia, the home of the 2018 World Cup. A soccer ball patch on the right breast of the jersey is outlined with flags of the 32 teams that will participate, with one additional Congolese flag that ties in the roots of Okito Brand. Our motto "From Thought to Finish" is printed on the top of the crest accented by gold threaded embroidery which encompasses the entire patch. On the left breast is the Okito Brand logo, the Okapi—a unique animal native to D.R. Congo, whose characteristics resonate so much with Okito brand roots. The customized inside tag of the jersey reads "Every four years, it only takes 11 men and 90 minutes to unite a whole country," a statement that we feel captures the vibrant energy the World Cup brings to the world.