On June 1st, 2018 Okito joined forces with ELK to give Salt Lake City an UNTAMED evening. The fashion show was located at Ember SLC, a beautiful artisan venue that boasted a large runway, plenty of social space and additional room for a pop-up shop. 

After much thought, UNTAMED came to life to give the event an edgy animalistic vibe which suited both brands nicely, as they are intertwined with an okapi and an elk. Mysterious promotional videos with masked people and wild themes were released prior to the event to create anticipation without giving away the full concept and event activities. 

ELK and Okito styled 30 male and female models with their latest pieces. ELK's Summer line includes many chic dresses and crops. Okito stayed true to our legacy pieces while showcasing the new World Cup soccer jersey, just in time for the World Cup, which was a sensational hit! Video of the event’s development process was projected on the main stage wall, which was lined with a variety of rustic chairs, creating an ideal runway for the UNTAMED fashion show. “Intergalactic” by Beastie Boys rocked through the venue as the models strutted their stuff. Shout-out to our models - you all rocked it!

The turnout for UNTAMED was beyond anything Okito had imagined. We believe there were at least 250 guests for the fashion show, many of who joined us to peruse and socialize in the pop-up shop afterward. So many laughs and memories were shared and we cannot thank everyone enough for coming to show your love and support for Okito! 

We have many people to thank for making UNTAMED a total hit. Thank you to ELK for partnering with us to give Salt Lake City a night of fashionable fun. Thank you to Ember SLC for allowing us to utilize their amazing venue spaces. Thank you to Ian Saunders for all of the dope videos. Most importantly, THANK YOU to our Okito fam. If you rock with Okito, you're in the family! 

Written by: Leah B.